NCIS Season 8 - Things Every NCIS Fan Expects To See (Part 1)

October 8, 2010
By Sarrah Hanna

Anyone who has ever watched more than one episode of NCIS knows that there are certain things they are destined to see on just about each and every episode. If you, like me, are a huge fan of NCIS, then you expect these things to happen. If they don't, you are disappointed and wonder if the writers have decided to take away the things that are comfortable about NCIS, like a certain warm blanket on a cold winter's day. Here is the top 10 things anyone can expect to see on NCIS almost each and every week.

Abby, the crazy, lovable and sensitive goth forensics specialist always has a hug for her fellow teammates at NCIS. Whether it's Gibbs, Tony or any of the other characters, Abby is very physical in her love for her fellow co-workers. This is made apparent at the sexual harassment meeting they had in one of the episodes.

When told that hugging in the workplace is considered sexual harassment, Abby is appalled. She questions whether her hugging bothers them and all of them deny it. Abby then says, "I'm hugging you all in my mind right now". You can watch the whole sexual harassment meeting which is about 2 minutes long here. Check it out. It is hilarious and deals not only with Abby's hugging fetish, but the number one habit (head slaps) as well.

Whether Ducky is talking to the NCIS investigators, his assistant Palmer or a dead body, Ducky always has a story to tell about anything and everything. Whether it is just to ask the dead body what they can tell him or whether it's telling stories about history or from his past, Ducky always has some relevant and entertaining facts interspersed with his personal knowledge of said things that he shares.

Just as a car needs gasoline to power it, Abby needs her Caff-Pow in order to keep her mental faculties flowing. Gibbs is usually the bringer of Caff-Pow, but several others have brought her the delicious and highly caffeinated drink (like Tony and McGee) during the six year run of NCIS. Everyone at NCIS knows that Abby is not at her best without her Caff-Pow.

Abby has tried to quit but can't quite do it. And in every episode of NCIS you will see one of the team bringing her a Caff-Pow or she already has one, usually slurping up the last of it and looking eagerly for more.

Tony lives to find out things about his partner's lives. Whether he is just nosy and annoying, or whether he really cares and it's the detective coming out in him, Tony always manages to find out what is going on in their lives. Of course, most of the time he spends the entire episode of NCIS teasing them about something he has found out. Examples of this have been when he's found out that Kate was in a wet t-shirt contest, who the women on the team were currently dating (Kate once dated one of Tony's frat brothers) or that McGee has poison ivy (taping McGee scratching in a bad area at a bad angle made Tony's day).

Tony's co-workers get annoyed with him, yet when he is not around they miss him terribly. There is no one there to start up a conversation, to keep them entertained or to verbally spar with about any given topic. NCIS would be very boring without Tony's constant teasing as evidenced in the episode, Agent Afloat.

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