Carla Ossa BonPrix Lingerie 2011 HQ Pics

March 7, 2011
sHere’s one of the sexiest girls from Colombia, Carla Ossa, doing a bang-up job of inducing drooling in this new photoshoot for the 2011 lingerie collection from BonPrix. Let me just start off by saying that I totally looove this girl and any time I get to see a bunch of new photos with Carla my day gets a lot better!

This girl is stunning, has one hell of a sexy body and looks ridiculously hot no matter what she’s wearing but… if you get to see her in lingerie or swimwear then you might wanna hold on to your jaw because it will go pretty damn fast to the floor. From what I see she’s not even airbrushed in these pics and that means we’re going to drool over a natural beauty.

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